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Mr \ Mrs Villegas

On the 11th April we had the pleasure of creating Alonso and Lucys wedding. Just a little background story of their journey to finding love.

Lucy and Alonso met in New Zealand where they both went travelling and fell in love but due to visa problems they couldn't move together to their home countries so had to heartbreakingly break up and blocked all social media ties to save more heart ache. After a year, unfortunately Alonso was involved in a motorbike accident and was in a coma for a few days and lost his memory. It was only because of the instagram explore page 3 years later, Alonso found a photo of Lucy and her handsome pup Bodhie and liked her photo, she questioned why after all this time he had contacted her again but he didn't understand what she was talking about and asked what she meant and she had to remind him of all the years they were together and the love blossomed again!

They finally got their happy ending and got married on the 11th April 2023. I was lucky enough to have them both leave their trust in me and decorate their venue with any ideas I had. I created a stunning statement piece on the arch frame, rustic milk churn designs and all the bridal party bouquets and buttonholes using lilac and purple flowers such as: roses, lisianthus, lavender, gypsophila, ranculus, pampas and eucalyptus.

Suppliers list :

Flowers by us

Photography by @gingerjams -

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